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Tipp T-Mobile Threatens Skype Use

Dieses Thema im Forum 'iPad - iPhone - Apple' wurde von morten gestartet, 18 April 2009.

  1. morten

    morten New Member

    T-Mobile Threatens Skype Use in Germany
    European Carrier Says Internet-Phone Service Violates iPhone Contracts

    T-mobile blocks skype on 3G and Wi-Fi

    3G is UMTS

    Wi-Fi is Wireless LAN



    The T-Mobile spokesman said
    using VoIP or IM applications
    is a breach of contract.

    If a customer uses Skype on its 3G network,
    T-Mobile reserves the right to block the application.

    He said even using Skype at a Wi-Fi hot spot is a breach of contract.

    In the U.S., currently there are no such restrictions,
    said T-Mobile USA spokesman Peter Dobrow.

    In germany T-Mobile starts to get hostile.

    skype is planned to be ported on android,
    iPhone and is possible to be ported to any linux or bsd based OS.



    Derzeit unterbindet etwa die deutsche Telekom den Gebrauch von Skype auf dem iPhone, offiziell, weil die Internet-Telefonie das Netz zu stark belaste. Wahrscheinlicher ist, dass die Telekom um die Gesprächsgebühren von 29 Cent pro Minute fürchtet, die sie beim Telefonieren über das Apple-Gerät verlangt.

    there exists other solutions, sip-communicator, gnu telephony

    jabber xmpp,
    which enables direct encrypted communication without any third party.

    jabber and xmpp is similar to irc, but incompatible,
    it offers unlike irc also video and audio real time telephony.

    it depends IIRC on servers, third party servers,
    but you don't really need them
    if you don't place calls on GSM 3G UMTS or PSTN.

    According to my understanding, (limited understanding)
    gnu telephony offers third part independed IP based calls.
    on mobile handsets and netbooks.


    shame on T-Mobile in Germany for throttling skype

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